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Our Mission
A chance to SHARE. A chance to CARE. A chance to GIVE. By the time you have read this, 4 young kids have just lost their lives. One after another. Starvation, bad sanitation, no shelter, loss of loved ones, AIDs, and disease- life is claimed endlessly.

A Short Story of a Young Boy
– Cze-Ja Tam

On my first day at the center, I got a nosebleed and rushed for tissues. As I walked away from the boys to the back of the room, I saw many faces turn to look at me, but there was only one face that kept staring. That face was Victor’s. After a couple of minutes, Victor ran up to me and looked up at me with worried eyes. His hands met mine and he uttered in a frightened voice, “Habari?” Swahili for “How are you?” I responded, “I am alright. You should go back and finish your craft. Thank you for caring.” After hearing my words, he smiled an unforgettable smile and then hugged me. Just from this one small act, Victor stood out from all the other boys.

This six-year-old-boy had been left starving and was seen on the streets by the Nakuru Rescue center founder, missionary Michael. When Michael talked to Victor, he wanted to see Victor’s parents. Eventually, Victor brought Michael to his home, and Michael was shocked. Victor had no parents, but only grandparents who could not move due to severe starvation and sickness.

Despite being raised in a lost home and having nothing, Victor had cared so much about me and others. Not knowing much love, Victor would often ask for hugs, wanting and needing affection. Occasionally, he would slip his tiny hand into mine, squeeze it, and make me feel so loved. Even though he was the one who needed love, he gave love so selflessly.

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