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China Projects

Project Code legend (design and focus on small project scale)

BSW: Bible study workshops
CBC: Church Building Construction
DCB: Donation of Christian educational materials (books and teaching materials)
ALC: Assist in library contents
TSW: Training seminars and workshops including discipleship
SST: Children Sunday School Teacher training program
VAS: Value added services

Status Event Date Project Code Description Notes
Finished 02/2003 to 05/2017 CBC Church Building Construction for local registered assemblies Assisted in the completion of 17 local churches in remote villages (Yunnan, Inner Mongolia and Sichuan)
In Progress 04/2006 to present DCB Donation of Christian books to seminary students (senior class) annual contributions to Yanjing Seminary (Beijing)
Finished 06/2007 to 2011 DCB Help build up library contents for China mainland seminaries 160 books in theology, hermeneutics and doctrines to Yenjing Seminary in 2007
In Progress 06/2007 to present BSW Provide trainings and workshops to better equip seminary students facing the fast modernizing China. Conducted Dynamic Bible Study workshop for junior and senior classes in Yenjing Seminary.
Finished 09/2008,08/2011,11/2013 VAS Supply quality seeds to the villagers in our CBC support localities to improve capabilities for self reliance No activity at present time
In Progress 10/2010 to present BSW Provide Bible study workshops for pastoral staff, group leaders in various fellowships and local churches Locations: Beijing, Shanghai, HanDan, churches in Ningxia, Gansu, Xinjiang
In Progress 08/2011 to present SST,BSW Provide Sunday School Teacher Program and Bible Study workshops for local churches specially designed for Inner Mongolia On special arrangement
In Progress 11/2012 to present SST Sunday School Teacher Program: Provide workshops for training children Sunday School Teachers at local churches Every other year (HanDan, Baotou and adjacent smaller town, Wudu, Yunnan)
In Progress 05/2008 to present VAS Individual counseling and coaching Mostly in Shanghai

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