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Africa Projects

Status Event Date Name Description
Finished 12/2005 to 1/2006 Mission Trip in Kenya We taught orphans at the Nakuru Rescue Center about God through songs, stories, crafts, and games. We listened and learned to their life stories and were inspired by how God has changed and helped them.
Finished 04/09/06 FUNd Day A fundraiser that included a food/bake sale, information about us, an area to make a page for the scrapbook sent to the Nakuru Rescue Center in Kenya, and a free tennis clinic for all ages. From the donations, we were able to buy tables, chairs, and beds for the children in the Nakuru Rescue Center.
Finished 07/2007 Car Wash We bought school supplies for the Nakuru Rescue Center in Kenya.
Finished 06/2008 Yard & Bake Sales With plenty of yard sale and food donations, we were able to purchase textbooks and school supplies for the AIC Song'ot Secondary School in Kenya.
Finished 12/2009 Fundraiser Party Birthday donations.
Finished 12/2010 Fundraiser Party Birthday donations.

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