Who we serve
Showers of Grace(SG), a Christian non-profit organization, is built to provide financial aid and improve educational opportunities presented in African rescued centers/schools and seminaries in China. At the moment we are dedicated to the inhabitants of Kenya, Africa and Baotou and Yunnan, China.

Why we serve
One in eight kids in Kenya, die before they are 5 years old from starvation, lack of good health, etc. but through God’s grace, we are able to help. We believe in honoring individual educational choices; thus we are committed to empower students, teacher assistances, and teachers to create learning opportunities that will help develop responsible and godly members of society by providing material needs, workshops and training.

How we serve
Through time, we ask the Kenyan and Chinese communities for their needs, and we try our best to provide for their needs through fundraising.

Goals: First of all, in general, we would like to improve the lives of those that are less fortunate in any way possible. Secondly, we would like everyone to discover how to use their own resources and love diminishing poverty, hunger, sadness – one step at a time. Lastly, we hope to be able to support their education and needs.

Showers of Grace is a 501c exempted non-profit organization. We greatly appreciate your donations to futher God’s Kingdom

The founder
Showers of Grace is a non-profit organization founded by a young 15-year-old girl named Cze-Ja Tam (now 22), who was touched and inspired by the Kenyan people, especially the children. Seeing them live in destructive poverty, Cze-Ja felt heart broken that these Kenyans had to live through such filthiness. While helping children at the Nakuru Rescue Center, Cze-Ja was touched by how these once-starving children were brought back to life.

These young lives showed their willingness to learn and sing with their hearts. Seeing smiles on their faces made Cze-Ja smile as well because she was glad that these children were back to their healthy lives. However, this rescue center did not own tables for the children to eat on; instead, these young boys ate on the floor or on tiny chairs.

Hearing childhood stories from these kids, Cze-Ja was very moved by their will to live and to learn. After spending three full days with the kids, Cze-Ja wished to stay longer and after returning to America, Cze-Ja missed the children and hoped to fly back to Kenya. During the following weeks, Cze-Ja thought of raising funds for these children.

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